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Business Logo Design

Professional business logo design services for company recognition
When choosing us, you choose an individual approach, professionalism, and friendly prices

  • We will make the first business logo designs in 5 days

    Describe your suggestions for business logo design, information about the company, competitive advantage, values, and the company target audience. Leave the rest to us.

We will make the first business logo designs in 5 days

Describe your suggestions for business logo design, information about the company, competitive advantage, values, and the company target audience. Leave the rest to us.

Choose the most suitable business logo design offer for you


4 logo designs

Unlimited corrections

One designer will create logo designs

Logo files in various formats


4 logo designs

Unlimited corrections

2-3 designers will create logo designs

Logo files in various formats

Grayscale, CMYK, and RGB logo variants

Information about used fonts

Logo design explanation

Explanation of the meaning of colors

Consultation on the use of the logo

Brand Identity

Premium logo design

Business cards design

Print designs

Web banner designs

Presentation design

Brochure design

Design of representative materials

Brand Book design

Work with us

We create long-term relationships based on results.
Describe your wishes, we will contact you during the day.

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Frequently asked questions

What kind of information do I need to get started?

Recommendations for business logo design, information about the company, competitive advantage, values, and your customer. You could attach examples of logos from other companies which you like. Preferred colors. In the absence of design recommendations, our designers will develop variants based on the information provided by the company. We are experts in business logo design, trends, and what kind of design works in the global market.

What files will I receive after the logo design is approved?

After the business logo design is approved, we will prepare the logo in all required formats and sizes.

  • Common vector formats - .eps, .cdr, .ai, .pdf, .svg and raster formats - .jpg, .png, .gif, .ico.
  • Proportions - horizontal or vertical, depending on the business logo design and 1x1 ratio.
  • Logo designs for use on a light background and individual designs for use on a dark background.
If I am not satisfied with any of the designs?

We understand the importance of the business logo design, if none of the submitted designs is satisfied, our designers will make adjustments or create new designs until we reach the end result that suits you best.

How and when I need to make payment?
  • 50% prepayment and 50% after the business logo design is approved and the final files are sent;
  • The amount of the brand book is divided into 3 parts, 34% prepayment, 33% after the logo is approved and 33% when we finish the brand book design.

Business Logo Design

Our business logo design services will help your company stand out in today's competitive market. Modern logo design can significantly increase your brand awareness. The design of the logo takes into account modern trends and current events in order to create not only an effective customer-oriented business logo design but also a brand that will last a long time and will not have to be redesigned in the coming years.
Our creative logo designers can also help your company modernize and renew your existing logo. There can be several reasons for changing or modernizing the business logo - the direction of the company has changed, the value or competitive advantage has changed, the management or the name of the company has changed, design trends change over time and the logo is no longer modern, all this can lead to new logo development.
Our experienced team will design a modern, creative business logo that will improve the company's visibility and competitiveness in today's market.
Business logo design is done until you receive the company's ideal brand. We will be happy to cooperate with you in the development of the business logo.


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Our customers trust us and rate us "Excellent"

  • Denij Jaunzemis ("VIA-S houses" sales manager)

    Metal Business Cards
    We entrusted the development of the logo to the advertising agency "First Design Studio" and the trust paid off! Pleasant cooperation, responsiveness and understanding are definitely what the agency has and what leads to a successful end result!
  • Evita Bogdanova (Hotel Jelgava ltd)

    Metal Business Cards
    "First Design Studio" has developed a logo for our company, as well as designs for company forms and envelopes. We are very satisfied with the cooperation, everything is always fulfilled within the promised deadlines and in accordance with our wishes. Quality and precision - these words definitely characterize First Design Studio.
  • Guntis Mikelson (Diksalas Leisure complex)

    Metal Business Cards
    It was a pleasure to cooperate - all my wishes and wishes were fulfilled. Several variants of the logos were prepared, which were then corrected and corrected several times - I am satisfied with the final result. Satisfied with the costs as well as the deadlines in which the things I needed were developed.
    Recommended as a reliable partner!
  • Sandis Spolītis (RTU)

    Metal Business Cards
    Excellent service, speed and quality. I can definitely recommend First Design Studio!
  • Inguna (Capital Clinic ltd)

    Metal Business Cards
    I was very happy to learn about the opportunity to acquire basic layout skills individually. They are very useful for me both in work related to marketing and privately - in planning and implementing various events for family and friends. Thank you Vitaly for your patience and interest! I will definitely continue the courses again at some point so that the basic skills become the most notable
  • Antra Milasevica (StarFM)

    Metal Business Cards
    I am very happy with the Adobe Photoshop courses I took at First Design Studio. I liked that the lessons were held individually, so I could dictate my own pace, and I had undivided attention. Although I had been working with Adobe Photoshop for several years, I learned various nuances in the first lesson that I didn't know about before. Thus, each lesson opened up only new opportunities for creative expression. Homework was also very useful, which allowed me to work at home and understand whether the information obtained in the lesson is understandable or whether there is still room for improvement in technical matters.
  • Andriel (CNG Digital Group)

    Metal Business Cards
    The quality is excellent and the service provided is brilliant. FDS created the design and supplied the cards free of charge. :) Excellent communication and easy cooperation. I am happy to recommend this company.
  • Rouzbeh Karbor

    Metal Business Cards
    Recommended company! I was skeptical about this company but everything turned out 100% legit and they even helped me a lot with the design. Ask for Vitaly, he helped me out good. Recommended

  • Ilze Kergalve ( |

    Metal Business Cards
    When I started attending Corel Draw computer design courses, I was very worried about whether I would be able to master the course program completely without any prior knowledge and previous experience. Thanks to the individual approach, the answers to all the questions I am interested in and the extensive homework, I have mastered and understood everything I need without any difficulties. Many thanks to Vitalija for the knowledge provided!
  • Ivan Bifano (WeYeah! GmbH)

    Metal Business Cards
    Highly recommended: high quality of the cards production, customized design and delivery for free,very competitive price and (above all) an outstanding Customer service, as Mr. Vitaly Kolotikov and the madam at the chat are very kind, quick to reply and helpful. A best-practice case about ecommerce.
  • M. Victoria

    Metal Business Cards
    As a company, we regularly order from First Design. Ever since I found this company and placed my first order, I've never thought about working together.
    The work of the First Design Studio team is well done and thank you for the great service and excellent quality!
  • Mike Johnson

    Metal Business Cards
    First Design Studio provided really good service from day one. We have always had high-quality goods. We have been cooperating with this company for more than 2 years and will continue to return to purchase metal membership cards.
  • Agnes

    Metal Business Cards
    Many thanks to First Design Studio for implementing our vision.
    I have received many compliments on our metal business cards.
    The design is outstanding. Since then, I always recommend you to my partners.
    Unambiguous leaders in the industry.
  • Oliver M.

    Metal Business Cards
    I recommend it to everyone. We have cooperated with First Design Studio in various services, they have always delivered high-quality business cards.
    Recommended for anyone looking to get creative cards.
  • Mandy

    Metal Business Cards
    A great loyalty solution for our business. After implementing this solution, we gained much more loyal customers and now we have a better understanding of their needs. We also ordered ferrous metal cards for our VIP customers and they look very cool. First Design Studio does its best to meet the needs of our company.
    Thank you very much for this great solution. :)
  • Thomas G.

    Metal Business Cards
    Very good and professional service. Great design and quality of metal business cards. I will definitely continue to use First Design.
  • Ernestas Bilius

    Metal Business Cards
    Excellent job, I was very surprised 👌
  • Aleksander

    Metal Business Cards
    Everything as promised, great loyalty and feedback solution
    as well as loyalty cards. Highly recommended company!

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    "First Design Studio" is an advertising agency with more than 12 years of experience, which is able to implement your idea and create a solid concept for the recognition of your company. Our team consists of graphic designers with international experience, marketing specialists, and web developers who will ensure the best results for your company.

    Luxury Metal Business Cards printing with digital business cards feature. Production in 1 day and free delivery on the next day only on FDS Cards.



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